China Day 2012

Copenhagen (Denmark)

  • Date22.11.2012
  • Location of VenueCopenhagen, Denmark
  • VenueAxelborg Conference Center

Useful information

The China Day 2012 in Copenhagen aims at gathering politicians, key industry representatives and renowned experts willing to share their views on the different aspects of the Chinese outbound travel market.

Also, through the gathering of European Destinations and the travel industry, the China Day aims at understanding and learning from the Chinese market in order to put better offers together and to develop as well as foster the cultural exchange.

On the occasion of this event, ETC would like to present its study “The Chinese Outbound Travel Market”, including a Netnographic study, which is a first step towards understanding and from there getting a better understanding of the opportunities of operating in and targeting the Chinese market.

For more information on the topics, speakers and organisers, visit the China Day 2012 website.
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