Transatlantic Conference

New York City (USA)

  • Date09.05.2013
  • Location of VenueNew York City, USA
  • VenueNew York Public Library / Rockefeller Center Loft & Garden


  • Keynote: Richard Bangs

    PBS host

    Richard Bangs is an award winning author and television host who specializes in international travel. Bangs is as prolific as he is adventurous, writing 19 books in total. One of his travel memoirs, The Lost River: A Memoir of Life, Death, and the Transformation of Wild Water, was the winner of the 1999 National Outdoor Book award as well as the Lowell Thomas award for best book. Not content with such success, Bangs went on to win a 2007 North American Travel Journalists Association award for Adventures With Purpose.

  • Keynote: Andrew McCarthy

    Actor and travel writer

    Andrew McCarthy’s life is a tale of two careers. In one career, he is the established actor who has played leading roles in landmark 80’s films such as St. Elmo’s Fire, Pretty in Pink, and Less Than Zero. This acting career also led McCarthy to star in a couple cult classics; Mannequin as well as the the camp, yet memorable Weekend at Bernie’s I and II.
    As a travel writer, Andrew has written articles for publications like The New York Times, The Atlantic, Wall Street Journal, Slate, Men’s Journal, National Geographic Adventure, and Bon Appetit. He is currently an editor-at-large for National Geographic Traveler.

Useful information

Two Venues, Two Keynoters, Three Panels

The ETC’s Transatlantic Conference saw an exceptional selection of panellits as well as a think tank session during the day. Later on, the ETC hosted an evening reception at the resplendent Loft and Garden in Rockefeller Center.

Keynote speaker and PBS host Richard Bangs opened the conference with a provocative look at the European roots of adventure travel. Bangs’ extraordinary expeditions and peerless perspective urged the audience to redefine adventure in ways that reinvigorate the destination marketing of Europe. At the other end of the day, silver screen leading man turned travel writer Andrew McCarthy offered even further insight with anecdotes from his own European journeys.

Further information can be found on the conference website:

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