Handbook on Tourism Forecasting Methodologies:

  • Publication year 2008
  • Online date Aug 2008
  • Language English
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Tourism demand is a complex phenomenon which can be affected by an incredible number of different exogenous factors economy, fuel prices, infrastructure, prices, natural disasters, the image of a destination, etc. Because of all of these and many other factors, tourism demand, in all of its different forms, is one of the most difficult variables to foresee.

Nonetheless, it is more and more important for destinations and private sector alike to anticipate demand trends and use such knowledge as a basis of management decisions and planning. The ETC/UNWTO Handbook on Tourism Forecasting Methodologies aims to be a simple guide to the complex world of tourism forecasting. It presents the basic forecasting techniques, their advantages and disadvantages as well as some practical examples of such methodologies in action. It also includes a CD where the forecasting methodologies are further explained and exemplified in an excel file.

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